An off-grid system is a solar photovoltaic power plant not connected to the electricity grid. By utilizing solar batteries, it can power electric appliances when there is no sun, allowing you to be energy independent. Off-grid systems are particularly suitable for powering holiday homes, campers, boats, cottages or any other buildings with reasonable electricity consumption. An off-grid system is a perfect solution for all those who desire an energy generator, silent in operation.

    1200 off-grid system
  • 2 polycrystalline 233 Wp modules,
  • 1 off-grid Victron Phoenix 24/1200 inverter, 1200 W rated power output, 2400 W peak power output,
  • 1 Steca PR3030 solar charge regulator,
  • 2 Deka Solar 12V/125A (GEL technology) or 2 Varta Professional Deep Cycle 12V/140Ah batteries,
  • 25 m of 6 mm2 solar cable,
  • Other electrical material,
  • Mounting structure.

System operation

1200 off-grid system is suitable for small consumers, ensuring the comfort of energy independency. When the amount of electricity produced exceeds the electricity consumed, the surplus electricity is used to charge the batteries. When there is not enough electricity produced to meet the consumers' demand the batteries provide the electricity needed.

* System performance is estimated based on seaside summer months in regions with high irradiation levels and winter months in the mountains. In both cases performance figures can be affected by potential shading caused by surrounding objects. Battery charging time depends on the battery capacity, power output, number of PV modules connected to the battery and the irradiation levels. The calculation assumes a maximum 50% discharge rate.

Upgrading your off-grid system

    Replacing the modules with 251 Wp monocrystalline modules*
  • Elegant and aesthetically pleasing dark PV modules,
  • 11% higher energy yield,
  • 11% faster battery charging time,
  • Easier to connect additional batteries for increasing the system autonomy,
  • Increased system performance stability.

    One or two additional PV modules
  • 50% or 100% higher electrical energy generation,
  • 50% or 100% quicker battery charging,
  • Possibility to connect two additional batteries without prolonging battery charging time.

    Increased battery capacity
  • 2 additional batteries Deka Solar 12V/125Ah or Varta Professional Deep Cycle 12V/140Ah batteries,
  • Doubling the system autonomy time,
  • Recommended for night consumers,
  • Recommended for connection of additional consumers.

    Replacing the inverter with Victron Phoenix 24/2.000 Inverter*
  • Higher power output (2.000 W),
  • Option to connect consumers with higher peak power of 4.000 W,
  • Option to connect a large number of consumers,
  • Generates a pure sine wave signal.

* Upgrading applies to the replacement of standard components included in the basic package. It needs to be decided at the time of purchase of a stand alone system.

    Off-grid system
  • Premium quality PV modules ensure the highest returns on investment and come with an extended 25-year warranty on 80% power output and a marginal, 0.5% degradation in performance after 20 years of operation,
  • Exclusively highest quality components from well-established manufacturers for longer life-span,
  • Reliable long-term system performance without any outages in operation,
  • Simple system upgrade options to suit individual needs,
  • Complete system kit including the mounting system,
  • Quick and easy installationo,
  • Option of upgrading the system for grid connection,
  • Silent in operation,
  • Thoroughly tested in real-life conditions.