The superior performance of solar power plants with modules is proven by the performance of existing power plants and international module tests. As a result of a significantly higher energy yield, solar power plants with modules provide a faster return on investment and additional income for the investor, while the extremely low degradation of modules ensures a long-term and efficient performance of solar power plants.

Made in Europe

Proximity to the manufacturer substantially reduces the time from order to installation of the solar power plant and enables a better, more personal customer support. It also ensures a considerably higher quality control in module manufacturing.

Higher energy yield

Numerous satisfied owners of PV power plants with modules and the German Photon module energy yield test have confirmed an up to 13 % higher energy yield.

Low degradation rate

In the TÜV-performance-over-time testing which is equivalent to 20 years of module operation, the modules exhibited the lowest degradation rate of just 0.5% out of the permitted 5.0%.

Longer product warranty

In addition to the standard 12 and 25-year warranty on power output, the modules carry a significantly longer product warranty (compared to the industry standards) as a direct reflection of their quality.


Load tests confirm that photovoltaic modules can withstand up to 900 kg load on the front side and a perpendicular fall of hail, having a diameter of 25 mm and falling at a speed of 83 km/h.


This is a member of the CERES non-profit association which guarantees that all PV modules will be recycled at their end-of-life.

Extremely aesthetic appearance

The modules are available in various designs, ranging from standard to the very elegant all-black module. Excellent performance is matched by extremely aesthetic appearance, contributing to the visual standards of any home.